NBC News | July 14, 2021

Robot-Run Laboratories

Strateos launches its SmartLab Software platform to power digital transformation of life science research laboratories.

Gear Patrol | July 9, 2021

Sure, It's July, But You Should Still Care About This Innovative New Ski

WNDR (pronounced “wonder”) is an incubator of sorts for another company called Checkerspot, a Bay Area-based technology firm that’s working to develop bio-based alternatives to petroleum. To prove its concepts, it backed WNDR, theorizing that if its innovations can handle the extreme forces and temperatures that skis have to withstand, the stuff must work pretty damn well.

Fast Company | July 7, 2021

Twelve (formerly Opus 12) raises $57M in Series A funding to eliminate emissions through carbon transformation

Twelve is pioneering a new market category called carbon transformation with its proprietary catalyst technology that transforms CO2 into critical chemicals, materials and fuels that are conventionally made from fossil fuels. The company has secured partnerships with Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble and NASA.

Medical Design & Outsourcing | June 15, 2021

Cytovale launches trial of rapid sepsis test

Diagnostics company Cytovale recently announced the first enrollment in a clinical trial of a test to assess the potential for sepsis in the emergency department. The Cytovale IntelliSep test is designed to provide actionable answers directly from a blood sample in under 10 minutes.

Forbes | June 8, 2021

Remote-Controlled Labs? Strateos Raises $56 Million To Build Out Its Vision Of Scientific Automation

Strateos is on a mission to expand the next-generation of smart lab solutions with direct access to automation to accelerate discovery in life sciences and allow researchers to run their labs from anywhere.

Business of Fashion | April 28, 2021

Modern Meadow Closes $130 Million Series C Funding, Names Fashion Industry Veteran Anna Bakst CEO

Modern Meadow is primarily known for its lab-grown leather, an area of innovation that has attracted mounting interest from fashion brands looking to curb their environmental impact but also struggled to produce commercial-scale technology.

TechCrunch | March 30, 2021

Ecovative sees a fungal future for fashion, food and foam packaging and has a fresh $60M to make it

Ecovative develops sustainable new materials from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. The company’s technology replaces plastic and animal products across industries, from foam packaging to meatless foods. Breakout Ventures joins Viking Global Investors, Senator Investment Group and AiiM Partners in this $60M commercialization round.

TechCrunch | March 5, 2021

VC Lindy Fishburne on the seemingly sudden democratization of science

Lindy Fishburne sat down with Connie Loizos to talk about how investing in companies that once seemed like moonshots, are looking more like solid bets.

Cision | February 28, 2021

ShiraTronics, Inc. receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for Chronic Migraine Neurostimulation

ShiraTronics announced that it has been granted a Breakthrough Device designation by the Center of Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its innovative neurostimulation therapy targeting the millions of chronic migraine sufferers. 

Fast Company | December 29, 2020

These High-Performance Skis Are Made Out Of Algae

After biotech startup Checkerspot created plastic derived from microalgae, outdoor recreation products seemed like a perfect test for new compounds that replicate the properties of petroleum-based plastics. “We’re leveraging biotechnology to create new building blocks,” says cofounder and CEO (and skier) Charles Dimmler.

Different Funds| December 18, 2020

Different’s DeepTech Investing Report

Different’s DeepTech Investing Report is a landmark review of the state of advanced technology investing — the domain of atoms + bits, of science-driven and research-fueled innovation. From government and foundation grants to venture capital and Wall Street, the report lays out the history, challenges, and opportunities for DeepTech investment.

Cytovale | December 17, 2020

Cytovale™ Receives Distinguished Abstract Award from AACC for Evaluation of Sepsis Assay

Cytovale has received an AACC Academy’s Distinguished Abstract Award for its abstract titled “Rapidly Assessing the Host Immune Response for the Diagnosis of Sepsis, a Prospective Multi-Site Clinical Study in the Emergency Department (ED) Employing the Leukocyte Structural Index (LSI).

Forbes | December 16, 2020

Skiing And Snowboarding Go Green - Uphill Or Downhill, New Eco-Friendly Gear

The winter sports industries have been marshalling a lot of green resources in recent years to become more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, and with ski resorts expected to be at full capacity and record backcountry skiing and snowboarding forecast for this unique pandemic winter of COVID-19, this is more important than ever.

San Francisco Business Times | October 2, 2020

The New Age of Neuro

Many believe that neuroscience is at the same point now that cancer was 20 years ago as new technologies and approaches spawned a revolution in oncology.

Fast Company | September 30, 2020

How WNDR Alpine created skis from algae

This Innovation by Design honoree is engineering new high-performance materials that could help wean a variety of industries off petroleum-based compounds.

GeekWire | September 25, 2020

Seattle gene therapy biotech startup Immusoft raises $4.5M

Seattle-based biotech startup Immusoft raised another $4.5 million and landed a $467,000 NIH grant to help further development of its drugs that treat genetic diseases.

Cortexyme | September 24, 2020

Cortexyme Announces GAIN Trial of Atuzaginstat in Alzheimer’s Disease Has Exceeded Study Enrollment Target of 570 Patients

Cortexyme, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRTX) announced that its GAIN Trial for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has exceeded its enrollment target of 570 patients. GAIN is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2/3 trial of atuzaginstat (COR388), Cortexyme’s lead investigational medicine, in patients with mild to moderate AD.

Checkerspot | August 19, 2020

Checkerspot Closes $36 Million Series B Round

Checkerspot, Inc., a materials innovation company, announced today that it has closed its Series B financing of $36 million. The primary use of proceeds will be directed towards commercial development and the expansion of the company’s product and innovation platform…

TODAY | July 30, 2020

New technology tests common surfaces for presence of coronavirus

The makers of a new coronavirus test say that with a swab you can find out if any surface is contaminated with coronavirus. NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen and her team tried it on surfaces across the country, and the results were revealing.

Opus 12 | June 22, 2020

SoCalGas, PG&E and Opus 12 Announce Advancements in Technology that Converts Carbon Dioxide to Renewable Natural Gas

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), and Opus 12 today announced they have demonstrated further advancement of a new electrochemical technology that converts the carbon dioxide content in raw biogas to pipeline-quality renewable natural gas, a critical improvement in the science of upgrading waste emissions to renewable gas.

FDA News | April 27, 2020

BARDA Offers Additional Funding for Cytovale’s Rapid-Sepsis Diagnostic Study

Cytovale has received $3.8 million from HHS’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for a study of its rapid-sepsis test for COVID-19 patients. The study is being conducted in Baton Rouge, La., to evaluate the test in patients with potential respiratory infections, including those with SARS-CoV-2.

Bloomberg | April 23, 2020

Using Dust and DNA to Trace Products All the Way Back to the Factory

San Francisco-based Phylagen pledges to bring more transparency to global supply chains.

Garage | April 12, 2020

This Leather Jacket? It Came From a Petri Dish

To visit the vanguard of fashion, one must first manage to find Nutley, New Jersey, on a map; then, a short drive from Manhattan later, after a right turn onto Ideation Way and up the winding drive, one arrives at a hulking, 72,900-square-foot brutalist structure. Welcome to the production headquarters of Modern Meadow…

ShiraTronics | March 26, 2020

ShiraTronics, Inc. Completes $3 Million Additional Series A Financing

ShiraTronics, Inc., a private medical device company, today announced it has completed an additional Series A financing of $3 million bringing the Series A financing to a total of $36 million.  The financing was provided by Breakout Ventures (BOV)…

IEEE Spectrum | March 19, 2020

Scientists Can Work From Home When the Lab Is in the Cloud

Working from home is the new normal, at least for those of us whose jobs mostly involve tapping on computer keys. But what about researchers who are synthesizing new chemical compounds or testing them on living tissue or on bacteria in petri dishes? What about those scientists rushing to develop drugs to fight the new coronavirus?…

synbiobeta | March 18, 2020

Running Your Pharma Company Out Of A Starbucks: Drug Discovery Moves To The Cloud

Small biotech start-ups accounted for 63% of all new prescription drug approvals in the last five years. And the way that many big drug companies are establishing their own venture capital funds to invest in small, innovative start-ups, it’s easy to argue that big pharma isn’t doing much innovation these days.

Select Science | January 13, 2020

Eli Lilly and Strateos collaborate to launch remote-controlled robotic cloud lab

Eli Lilly and Company  and Strateos, Inc. have unveiled a new robotic laboratory in San Diego, California, designed to accelerate the drug discovery process. The Lilly Life Sciences Studio lab was conceptualized and designed by Lilly as part of …

Green Tech Media | December 13, 2019

Watt It Takes: The Founder-Engineer Turning CO2 Into Fuels and Materials

Opus 12 is a team of engineers, electrochemists and materials scientists working on a technology that converts carbon dioxide into usable products. They are developing a metal catalyst that can turn CO2 into synthetic gas for fuels and ethylene for plastics.

Forbes | November 20, 2019

Gore-Tex Is Betting Big On Synthetic Biology

A new era of innovation is taking hold of the outdoor recreation world. It’s happening in high-tech innovation centers in Silicon Valley, in small ski design workshops in Salt Lake City, and in high-tech biology labs in Berkeley.

BioWorld | November 1, 2019

Cytovale scoops up $15M to advance technology that aims to detect early sepsis

Cytovale Inc., a San Francisco-based medical technology company, has picked up $15 million in financing to advance its technology that enables the early detection of sepsis in the emergency department.

Green Biz | October 16, 2019

Opus 12 is one startup on a mission to convert CO2 into useful products

What if excess carbon in the atmosphere could be converted to more useful forms? That’s the ultimate goal of carbon conversion companies such as Opus 12, a startup in Berkeley, California.

Modern Meadow | September 19, 2019

Modern Meadow Secures Strategic Funding From Evonik to Scale the Next Generation of Biofabricated Materials

Over a year into its long-term partnership with global specialty chemicals producer Evonik, Modern Meadow is thrilled to announce it has secured a significant investment from Evonik Venture Capital. This investment will accelerate and support Modern Meadow’s development of its first sustainably produced, animal-free, premium branded materials platform.

Immusoft | July 17, 2019

Immusoft Announces The Appointment Of Robert Hayes, Ph.D. As Chief Scientific Officer

Immusoft Corporation, a Seattle-Wash.-based, leading cell therapy company, today announced the appointment of Robert Hayes, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer. With nearly two decades of biologics discovery and development experience, Dr. Hayes will lead Immusoft’s preclinical research and …

Cortexyme | May 13, 2019

Cortexyme, Inc. announces closing of initial public offering and the exercise of the underwriters’ option to purchase additional shares

Cortexyme, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRTX), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering a novel disease-modifying therapeutic approach to treat a key underlying cause of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases, today announced…

Synbiobeta | April 16, 2019

Checkerspot raises $13M Series A to produce biotech-enabled performance materials

Checkerspot, a biotech startup using microalgae to produce performance materials, announced today that it has closed its Series A financing for $13 million. The round was led by Builders VC, and included Breakout Ventures…

Fast Company | Feb 14, 2019

This startup is tracking microbes to figure out where your shoes were really made

Because a microbiome can serve as a unique identifier of a place, Phylagen is gathering data from global factories so brands can better understand where their products are made, and detect if the work is being outsourced to places that rely on slavery or child labor….

Science Translational Medicine | Jan 25, 2019

A new infectious mechanism for Alzheimer’s?

We have another entry in the “Is Alzheimer’s caused by infectious disease?” drawing, and it’s a good one. A large multicenter team reports that Porphyromonas gingivalis, which is the key pathogen in gingivitis (gum disease) may be the actual causative agent in Alzheimer’s,…

NewScientist | Jan 23, 2019

We may finally know what causes Alzheimer’s – and how to stop it

After decades of disappointment, we may have a new lead on fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Compelling evidence that the condition is caused by a bacterium involved in gum disease could prove a game-changer in tackling one of medicine’s biggest mysteries, and lead to effective treatments or even a vaccine…

GeekWire | Jan 4, 2019

Seattle biotech startup raises $20M to develop gene therapy technology

Seattle-based biotech startup Immusoft this week closed a $20 million Series B venture capital round that will fuel development of its gene therapy technology. Founded in 2009, Immusoft develops immune cell technology that uses blood cells from a patient to create therapeutic proteins…

Fortune | Sep 17, 2017

These VCs are bringing 'Hard Science' to Fortune 500 companies

In 2010, as the dust from the financial crisis settled, three women working in disparate parts of the economy noticed that startups in “hard science” (think biology or chemistry rather than tech) weren’t getting the attention they deserved from big investors…

TechCrunch | Sep 14, 2017

Breakout Ventures, spun out of Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs, has closed its debut fund with $60M

Lindy Fishburne has spent most of the last six years heading up Breakout Labs, a San Francisco-based program that’s underwritten by renowned investor Peter Thiel and that in 2011 began offering nascent science-focused startups up to $350,000 in funding with no strings attached…