We partner with bold entrepreneurs

building a bio-based future.

We invest at the earliest stages, entering at Seed or Series A in creative bioscience companies harnessing the power of cells and computation to scale solutions in human health and sustainability. Our team has spent the last decade working with founders to make science fiction a reality. Our portfolio has grown leather without the cow, developed therapeutics to alter the course of Alzheimer’s and transformed industrial carbon dioxide emissions into useful products.

At Breakout Ventures, we believe cells are the engine of the next decade as the tools, technologies and, most importantly, talent from across industries are brought to bear on biology and chemistry in surprising ways.



Synthetic biology and chemistry to produce novel bio-derived oils from microalgae


(Nasdaq; CRTX) Therapeutics to alter the course of Alzheimer’s and other aging disorders


Clinical diagnostics to measure biophysical markers of single cells

Ecovative Design

Mycelium technology driving plant-based meat, biodegradable packaging and textiles


Genetically modifying B cells to create sustained protein-producing therapeutics in the body

Modern Meadow

Biologically advanced sustainable new materials


Indoor microbiome data analytics for human health and supply chain tracking


Novel neuromodulation technologies to combat debilitating migraine headaches


Automating chemical, biological and image analysis to accelerate drug discovery


Leveraging extracellular vesicles (EVs) to deliver gene therapies in vivo


Carbon transformation that eliminates emissions by turning CO2 into essential products


Our experience supporting scientific founders started a decade ago at Breakout Labs - a seed fund within the Thiel Foundation

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